Women of today

Women :: birth as a daughter…then sister…then friend or girl friend… wife….mother…daughter in law ……blah blah blah…oopss…the list continues. The best part is that at every phase a long list of duties,responsibilities , expectations, society pressure etc are attached as a tail….But never ever has been asked  that lady really wants to perform each and every role or not.


Don’t you think even she should get a  fair chance to choose …..

It’s not that patriarchy is the sole reason for the same…..Many times it’s her circumstances, it’s her inability to upfront her choices and decisions leads to her fate or position.



So the time has come to give befitting reply to each and every individual…. each situation and circumstances who hurdles our path of achievements and success….

Let’s breath out in fresh air of success and do the SWOT analysis that why in the present era where the opportunities are piling up , but still we need to think and rethink our decisions .

It’s not about working or non working…it’s clearly about the space ,the position and the the auro of ours we need to create or rather I should  say recreate..

Don’t know about the future..but if today we Will not come in front then our next generation will not be able to do anything further.

So for the sake of our present and future we need to figureout  the inabilities, the fear of failure and rejection within us. So that we can sort out the issues and can go for the solutions…

So tighten your cufflings and tie the seat belt ..now it’s time to fly high in the sky …just remember you have got just one life and many Dreams to see and fulfill…..

So just remember SKY IS THE LIMIT.

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