Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day…. first of all thanks to everyone…Being on the positive side… atleast one day is there for the acknowledgement towards the women.

This wish is not bound from men to women only….but it’s from every individual to all the women in his or her life. Starting from mother, mother inlaw, sisters,sister in laws, friends, colleagues……and of course the MAIDS…

Knowingly or unknowingly…the women especially in India are getting entangled in the castle of plethora of expectations…

Indian women are supposed to be perfect in their respective roles…of course it’s nice to expect…but allow her to fail also…Tell her it’s ok to be imperfect..

To ride the road of perfection , the basic criteria is being imperfect….

Is it ok to put all women in the same frame….

From ancient times…women are expected to do sacrifice, to serve,to take Care, to be strong,….etc…and of course they did..and great salute to them…but did any one asked them…their wishes…their choices…

God knows..it was by force or by choice..But if women of today wants to be a little different… then please don’t categorize them or label them…allow them to breathe…

This Women’s Day I appeal to all the women to take care of self first… Thinking about self is not wrong..As when you will be fine then only you will be able to perform well…..

Self care is not selfishness….

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